About FJ Harmon

Frans Kuipers writing as Fj Harmon is a writer and author of his latest publication, “Returning Fire.” His formative years were spent just above the poverty line living with his single mother in the suburbs of Detroit. He earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University. His thirty-year career focused on Information Systems Technology related to Naval and Strategic Intelligence in the Maryland – Washington, DC, area. Retiring to the beach town of Southport, North Carolina, and finally scratched his decades-old itch to write. In that year the North Carolina Port Authority announced plans to build a deep-water port on the shores of Southport’s Cape Fear River. The selected site was between a nuclear power plant and Sunny Point, a strategic arms depot for the Middle East. The writing prompt was too much to resist, and his first novel, Revenge For What Is Sacred was the result. He is continuing to write for a local monthly magazine, Cat-Tales, and he is working on his third Mace Franklyn Mystery novel and a sixth book, a humorous thriller.



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