Is Anybody Safe?

I am, or will be this year, 77 years young. Hearing virus horror stories about seniors getting sick and expiring within a week and of centurions surviving, makes one pause and think. I have a good start on my third Mace Franklyn Murder Mystery (all the chapters outlined and a first draft of 10 of them), and I have brought Anstice back as Mace’s business partner (if they can get their business off the ground, but that is a whole other story…wait, oh). Anyway, I started thinking, given that I am now middle aged, should Franklyn last forever? Women don’t usually last long with Mace (murder, abduction, divorce (2)), so is this Anstice’s turn?

I was considering starting a new series with Anstice, but in chapter 10 Mace is slipped something, innocent and maybe handy to have one day, but also could be deadly. Will he use it? Offer it to Anstice? It was one of those times when characters take over. I never planned on Mace doing what he did or meeting the unsavory character that he did, but there you have it. It happened. So now what? Does Anstice go the way of all heroines or do I start a new series? Sign up as a site member and comment. Looking forward to your feedback.


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