Join Me At The Beginning

So I've framed my third book of the Mace Franklyn Mystery series, sort of like the two-by-four framing of a new house. But I don't have a working title.

Here is where you can help.

Here is how I have framed the story.

So, Mace finds himself in a Northern Michigan fishing town, Alpena, along Thunder Bay. He got here because the Alpena County Sheriff crashed his airplane into a meth lab, but he was dead before the crash. Mace pokes around and comes to believe the sheriff was corrupt and his death was a drug-war related murder. Dorian, his mentor, boss, and Director of the Michigan Bureau of Investigation is outraged by this accusation. Digging deeper Mace finds disturbing connections between Dorian and the dead sheriff. Like he is Dorian's half-brother. Mace believes Dorian should step down and forces the issue with Lieutenant Governor Cassandra (a character from both book 1 and 2). Now shunned by the MBI, but believing he was right to push the issue, Mace decides to go undercover as a Detroit News reporter and find out what is going on in the county. However, after questioning some townspeople, he discovers he touched a nerve when he is driven off the road and into the Thunder River.

Emerging from the accident hurting and without his memory, Mace believes he is the person of his assumed identity, the news reporter Garrett. Another murder has occurred and Garrett suffering from his accident falls prey to the local purveyor of opioids, and he becomes part of the drug problem he is trying to sort out. Pursued by persons unknown, the MBI, and the Alpena County Sheriff's department, Mace must rely on the man he knows is behind the drugs and corruption to clear Dorian's name and clean up the county.

What do you think? Comment or contact me with your title suggestion. If your title wins I will send you a autographed box set of all three Mace Franklyn books.


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