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Murder - A Survival Technique

This has nothing to do with my books. (Thank God, right?)

Since the start of humanity, at least according to the bible, the urge to kill to survive, flourish, has happened. We usually think of this in purely human terms. Animals kill, true, and they do it to survive, food, also true. A manicurist in Florida discovered that all to well recently. (She apparently lost her will to survive when the urge to pet an alligator large enough to eat her struck her fancy). But what if the survival instinct extended beyond the needs of human or animal or fish or foul or whatever. I'm thinking viruses. Suppose they have always been there. Lurking, stalking us, in the shadows, in the night. SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 have all originated in densely populated areas where humans infringe on the domains of animals. What if nature doesn't like crowds, infringement. What if viruses are the means for nature to fight back against the encroachment of humans, to survive. So like the Bubonic Plague (Okay so it was not a virus it was a bacillus), anyway, when humanity gets too crowded, when it is too much for nature to cope with, its tiny little henchmen, viruses, normally isolated and out of reach bump into humanity. The herd thins, and when it does, when we distance ourselves, give nature some breathing room, everyone goes back to life -and death- as normal.

Don't think so? How about the Ozone hole above the Artic has closed , quicker than it has in decades. Air pollution in India and China is zilch, and dolphins are swimming in Venetian canals while jelly fish float by - a first in centuries.

As of this writing, 283,118 people have been killed (dare say murdered) by COVID-19 and it is stalking another 4,128,183. By the way that is a 7% kill rate!!

Now "nature" tried to tell us with the Bubonic Plague (which still kills 3,000 annually world wide), SARS, and MERS. She is getting serious this time. COVID-19 doesn't just try to smother us (lungs), it attacks the brain, kidneys, nervous system, arteries, heart, and toes. (Toes!?) Yes there is such a thing as COVID toe, and if it ever gets to our elbows we are really in trouble.

Take this seriously COVID-19 could be with us for a long time. Stay inside, read a book, read any book, of course mine are very good. But then they still do deal in murder.




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