Returning Fire: A Haunting Serial Killer, Love -- Old Embers & New Flame

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Mace Franklyn sees renewing vows with Helyn as the logical conclusion of their new relationship forged by their shared adventure in book one. Attending a concert to help a friend, and then dinner at Joe's Muir's to talk his proposal through. But like many things Mace Franklyn does, it is not that simple. When helping his friend turns explosive, literally, Mace finds himself dealing with a serial killer from his FBI past. Once again Mace and Helyn are pushed together

to find the how and why behind the murders - or are they? Anstice, a red haired detective turns heads, and may be the only way Mace can prove who is behind the killings. But Anstice has secrets of her own and Mace soon finds himself the subject of an FBI probe. Secrets and lives entangle as Mace tries to unlock what his mind won't let him see.

Returning Fire eBook Cover


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