Review: Along The Broken Bay

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Flora Solomon captures the waning days of colonial Manilla with the broad strokes and intense passion of a Claude Monet painting. She transports us onto a faltering journey of denial into the mountains. One by one the trappings of privilege and an easy life fall to the wayside. The realities of an inevitable occupation by a brutal invader amidst the crumbling prognostication of victory by General MacArthur drive Gina, her daughter Cheryl, from coping to survival. Tormented by the thought of her husband's almost certain capture, Gina experiences the savagery of the Japanese when she encounters the death march of US and Philippine prisoners of war. This realization drives her to take life-threatening risks to raise money for the resistance fighters by opening a nightclub fleecing the Japanese clientele of money and information. Along this journey, Flora has us smelling the fragrances of the Orient, the sights, and sounds of the forest and tasting the bile of suffering and brutality. A story of love, loss, and grit during an epoch time in U. S. history, not to be missed.



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