Ever Do Something and Not Remember How? Was It Murder?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Chapter 1 - The Intruder A black blur lunged from the kitchen onto his back.

Chapter 2 - A Simpler Time She ran a dictatorial office, and her reputation for wielding power in the boardroom and bedroom were common gossip at S., H., and G. “Where the hell you been Doyle?” She said without raising her head.

Chapter 3 - Breaking Point “Gee Romy,” Cheryl said and pressed a hand to Roman’s chest inserting herself between the men. “Maybe I was wrong. Someone thinks there is more meat on that bone.” Cheryl kissed him the cheek. “Maybe you could afford me,” she said and flicked a finger under his chin. Flashing a stone-cold glance at Doyle, she walked away toward the foyer.



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