When Seeking Revenge - Dig Two Graves

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

For Mukhtar Sheik Mohammed Jihad and religious beliefs are but a convenient ruse to satisfy his own lust for power and personal gain.

Once an influential Al-Qaeda leader, considered a mastermind for his 911 attack plan, he was disgraced by his seizure and incarceration at Guantanamo. His captures forced to release him, do so into a terrifying nightmare. But driven by his obsession for revenge, he survives and discovers riches to fuel his vengeance. In the dawning twilight of a new nation and lasting peace in Palestine, Mukhtar uses his new found wealth to manipulate a Zionist’s dread of peace to exact his retribution. But first Mukhtar must destroy the dreams and stoke the fires of hatred in his nephew, Jacob, born out of the love between an Israeli mother and Muslim father, for he holds the key to his plan.



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